Someday Soon is a premium street fashion brand intended for boys 
but looks awesome on girls too! 
By mixing nordic simplicity with classic streetwear silhouettes and details, Cathrine and Jacob have created a collection of printed tees, 
sweatshirts, jackets, pants and accessories that hit just the right balance between comfortable and cool. Look out for amazing all-over-prints, comfortable and cool sweatpants, amazing outerwear and accessories too.


Andorine is a stylish, cool and easy to wear clothing brand for passionate and cosmopolitan children. The SPECIAL EDITION line consists of memorable pieces, conveying a sense of quality and attention to detail, lovingly designed exclusive items for special occasions, but always with comfort and functionality in mind.
 With a wide range of basic pieces, fashion and accessories, the COLLECTION line allows spontaneous matching that expresses the child’s personal look.


yporqué was born in 2007 in Barcelona. The name refers to the repeated question of young children... (and why? And why? And why?) The most popular product of yporqué are the interactive shirts; shirts designed to stimulate the senses of sounds, textures, games or fluorescent glow in the dark images. 


Los Angeles-based OMAMImini is known for its sophisticated and impeccably crafted yet
effortlessly styled children’s apparel designed for girls, boys, babies and toddlers. It started with the belief that everyday clothes can be not only comfortable but stylish, while “Sunday best” can be not only stylish but comfortable. Utilizing top local suppliers and contractors, all pieces are proudly designed and manufactured in the US.


Comfy and cool preshrunk children’s apparel for stylish kids size 3m - 14y. Made in the beautiful USA.


Miki Miette was founded in 2011 by Sawako Yamauchi, a Los Angeles-based fashion designer. Miki Miette presents the ultimate every day kids fashions. Made with the softest fabrics, their pieces are designed with comfort, wearability, and style in mind.


After years of friendship, Wells Nathan and Veronique Vicari Barnes have joined creative forces to bring us Ice Cream Castles; a children’s line of clothing inspired by vintage designs, music, magic and travels into the unknown!


Wander and Wonder (W&W) is a kids’ clothing collection for curious kids who love adventure. They get excited learning about the world and experiencing different cultures through food, music, art and street life. W&W kids adore travel, whether it’s within their own country, or across the globe. They are proud of their heritage but also see the world as diverse, and like it that way. They are honest about their feelings and are not afraid to be different.
 Each season, W&W explores the traditions and lifestyle of one country. SeasonTwo is inspired by the rich and multilayered culture of Japan. 2% of all profits will be given to Plan International for programs that support children within the local community.
Wander always, wonder often. Let the adventure begin…


At Vierra Rose, they believe precious moments should look as special as they feel. 
Fashion can be for days spent inside baking something warm and sweet, an afternoon playing on the swings as well as special occasions that call for dressing up.
Like the zest you get from a twist of citrus in your drink, or the gentle spicy heat you get from a little ginger in your cooking, they add elements that are fun and fresh, to celebrate childhood with style.
Deigned in New York WITH LOVE.


This season, Paperwings has focussed on two themes across girls, boys and Little Wings collections. The first theme for our spring drop is FIELD OF DREAMS.
The soothing color palette encourages minds to relax and focus on the gentle world around us, and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.
For boys, field of Dreams is about limitless imagination. Paperwings boys explore a wilder world, where motorbikes leap, dragons lurk and tigers hitch a ride to far off places.
The second theme  is LIFE’S A JUNGLE.
For girls high summer includes a trip to a vibrant jungle where the plants and animals offer unexpected color whilst colliding with exotic patterns and prints inspired by far away destinations.

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